Why Narratives can explain the definition of a Terrorist

With the tragedy at Charleston, whether the shooter is a terrorist or not has generated much debate on the internet. But one accusation  made is Islamic extremists are terrorists while white extremists are just “mentally-ill”.

Yet the debate is really not how we legally define terrorism (the courts decide that). It’s who we perceive when we think of “TERRORIST”. It’s often an image of a bunch of keffiyeh-covered bearded men toting Kalashnikovs; not a pasty-faced white boy with a bad haircut. If you don’t, just google “Terrorist” to find out what the world thinks.
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What successful celebrities can teach about brand narratives

With Jurassic World rampaging through the box office, Chris Pratt who less than two years ago was known as a goofy sidekick, is now Hollywood’s most bankable movie stars. While his acting skills is one reason for his success (and he is a good actor), Chris Pratt’s success comes from crafting a strong brand narrative to cultivate organic growth of fans.
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Can Product-Placement enhance Jurassic World?

Jurassic World is coming out, and has engaged with viral marketing, including an In-universe website and a cute publicity stunt, with Jurassic Park’s infamous transport crates conspicuously placed in a London train station. However Universal Pictures isn’t the only one advertising Jurassic World, as Samsung has signed up to have product-placement added into the movie. Interspersed between raptor taming and Dino DNA, will be Samsung tech.
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What Google Stories means for Interactive Narratives & Mobile Films

Google recently partnered up with Justin Lin (of Fast & Furious fame) to release a short film, “Help”, and is mobile exclusive. It needs to be mobile exclusive because the movie offers a 360 degree experience when watching it. If you haven’t watched it download the Google Spotlight Stories app on your phone now, then watch it.
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Nazis Invade Canada Feature Image

When Hitler Invaded Canada: A tale of Transmedia

Transmedia Storytelling has only been coined recently, but it isn’t a modern creation, as the Christian Church has used it throughout history. But even governments have gotten into the action with a more recent example being the Winnipeg government’s marketing effort to sell war bonds during World War 2. 
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