Why PR crisis are solved with a Villain Redemption

The Internet’s newest villain of the week came in the form of Martin Shkreli, ex-hedge fund manager and pharma investor, who recently raised the price of a parasite-fighting drug from $13.75 to $750. Prescription drug price increases are nothing new in the pharmaceutical world. While morally questioned, price increases are not illegal and often pass by unnoticed by the general public. However when it went public Martin Shkreli shot himself in the foot and kept shooting himself in the foot by using his twitter account like Hitler commanding the Wehrmacht. Getting into needless arguments with other twitterers, making insensitive tone-deaf responses to his business decision have all led to a visceral reaction from the internet.
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Why Video Game Marketing is developing a Narrative

Videogame trailers are usually a predictable affair. The announcement trailer, the gameplay trailer, the story trailer, the multiplayer trailer etc. And they’re all aping movie trailers with cuts of gameplay and big flashy words. However, video game marketing are evolving beyond movie trailer and into something smarter. Below are why videogame marketing are becoming narratives in their own right.
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Why it took Aylan Kurdi to make us understand the Migrant Crisis

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is often why it takes a picture or a video to evoke an emotional response. Yet there have been countless images of fear-stricken and grieving refugees squatting on the outskirts of European cities or jumping walls hasn’t elicited any meaningful response.

Until now.

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