Star Wars The Force Awakens the Power of User-Generated Content

With Star Wars The Force Awakens utterly shattering box office records, the $4 billion investment Disney paid to George Lucas seems to have paid off. Not that the hype for the 7th entry into lightsabers and the Millennium Falcon was a surprise, given the sheer amount of hype. The Disney Marketing team should pat themselves on the back for the massive campaign which involved teaming up with Google to heavily viewed trailers. However it wasn’t only Disney’s efforts that ensured only those living in bunkers, stocking up on gunpowder and baked beans, could not have gone one day without seeing an X-wing fighter. The movie was a success because by the lead-up to the film’s release, social media sites were clogged with Star Wars related articles and videos, creating user-generated content. 
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How a Syrian rebel group won Video Marketing

The media and news coming out of the Syrian civil war have varied from the professional  content being produced by the Islamic State showing their barbarity to shocking ads of refugees from human rights group. But the general narrative is of brutality and complicated chaos that Game of Thrones would find hard to match. However one of the goals from every side is to portray themselves as the good guys in order to gain popular support, material supplies and recruits. The Islamic state is currently at the top of the other militant groups in their content and video marketing to gain attention and recruits. However, another rebel group, the Levant Front, has caught up on Facebook news feeds with an execution video that has already received more than half a million views. Check it out below
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