Hi everybody who reads “about” pages.

If you want the dictionary version of “about” for this site: This site is based on the idea that narratives or stories is the most important way we have to understand the world. The articles that will be posted on this site will explore issues in politics, pop culture, and everything interesting in between all through how we would seem them through narratives.


If you want the less dictionary, more whimsical “about” for this site

I always liked stories. As a kid, I visited used bookstores and libraries more than malls. I am also the kind of guy who spent, and if asked to recall a string of numbers would remember my library card number over my credit card, and still carry a book with me to sneak in a read when I get bored.

I read because I like stories, and the way I could identify with characters so strongly the ink on the page was stronger than blood. This love of reading grew a love of writing.

I wrote reams of fan-fiction for zombie comics I enjoyed reading, and also attempted to start blogs about the quirky little ideas in my head. This is the 3rd blog I have attempted to start (the first two didn’t succeed so well).

But this time I have an idea I believe needs to be something more. an idea that everyone reacts stronger, becomes more emotional, is willing to act, if they are connected to a narrative. And that everything and anything that deserves to be seen by the world can be narrated.

Narrative is Power.

My goal is to update the blog once a week, and I hope that you and I can find some fun exploring this silly idea I can’t get out of my head.

Joshua P’ng//




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