American politics has always been an entertaining to watch; not for domestic or foreign policies put forth by candidates but also examining the juicy details of their personalities. And one of the most popular characteristics that a candidate can exhibit is the crazy kind or the cloudcuckoolander.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Recently, “The Donald” entered the race by shooting himself in the foot with a racist laden comment that he is still trying to defend in the face of common sense. He also has a history of financial failures and ridiculous spectacle. He is the presidential hopeful cloudcuckoolander.


The CloudCuckoolander

The cloudcuckoolander is exactly what you imagine, someone with their heads in a cloud, who makes random comments and is just plain nuts. They are a popular character for shaking up the societal norms of don’t say anything stupid, and incredibly watchable. Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” wandering plot was made readable by the character of Dean Moriarty, who the protagonist Sal Paradise devoted much of the book in examining. Dean Moriarty is a drifter, a mess, he’s a little mad, and his inane monologues drifted into the peculiar often mystical but incredibly entertaining.

Article-Dean Moriarty

Similarly, Silvio Berlusconi, the former prime minister of Italy, acted less like a leader of a first-world country and more irresponsible playboy. HIs antics during international meetings and sexual activity generated entertainment in the press. Almost nothing will be known of his domestic or foreign policies. Only as the politician who nominated women to political positions based on how hot they were.

Silvio Berlusconi

Memorable Lines

Cloudcuckoolander’s are prone to saying ridiculous things, which is what makes them so laudable and memorable. One of the most entertaining aspects of the videogame “Portal” was the monologues from the psychotic A.I, GLaDOS, who displays an incredible slippery grasp of reality.


Former president, George W Bush had so many silly quotes, they are now just called Bushisms, (my personal favourite, “They Misunderestimated me”) Rob Ford, former mayor of Toronto (who has endorsed Donald Trump) was famous for some truly hilarious words. His famous “drunken stupour” line is now one of the most famous quotes from a Toronto mayor. Ever.

George W. Bush

Address to the Nation on Immigration. Oval.

Donald Trump who is more famous for his brash comments than his golf courses or hotels, delivered with his inaugural speech, that will define the rest of his race. Of course, we always pay attention when politicians flub, but The Donald will be closely watched for the next silly thing he says.


They shouldn’t be kings

While the cloudcuckoolander is a character who will often succeed or at least will not have a sad ending, they are only endearing so long as they aren’t in positions of power. Because having a crazy guy in power rarely ends well for anyone.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Take Captain Jack Sparrow. Crafty, clever, cunning and manipulating every other character to do what he wants. However what he isn’t good at is being a very good pirate captain, in fact he is an awful pirate captain. He suffered a mutiny, lost half his crew to cannibals, and lost his ship and crew again. I don’t think in any of the movies has he successfully raided another ship.


Idi Amin, Gaddafi, Kim Jong Un have all been flamboyant keeping the news well entertained with their shenanigans and the crazy things they have done. Their behaviour is also the only effective tool they use to distract us from their atrocities and horrendous policies which have destroyed their countries.


“The Donald?”

Donald Trump is arguably a successful businessman, he’s a billionaire his name is on a building in many major cities, however he is also a billionaire who has made some incredibly awful PR moves as well as a billionaire who declared bankruptcy several times. He also has no military/political experience and common sense indicates he would be a bad president. Actually, an awful president. However so long as he remains an incredible rich prick who likes to say funny things, we will continue to watch them. They are so entertaining in their stupidity and flamboyance we can’t help but find them appealing to watch.