Recently treasure hunters claimed to have found an armoured train full of Nazi loot in Poland, which was lost since 1945. While exciting in itself, because it is a “NAZI” train full of loot, had it blow up social newsfeeds. Though this isn’t a surprise. as a keyword, “Nazi” is a great example of choosing keywords for any piece of content.

Offers an emotional impact

Nazis are popular because they are essentially the real-life villain we all love to hate. They have a narrative impact for us that speaks to us on an emotional level. While history is more complicated than the good versus an evil narrative of World War 2, it’s in popular culture that is ingrained in our minds. More Nazis have been killed in the media than in real life and calling someone a “Nazi” is the internet’s equivalent of poo-flinging.

Article- Nazi_Captain_America_Punch_Hitler

It’s also why anything that is remotely connected to Nazis makes the news. For example when a pile of rocks and a couple World War 2 era German coins were found in the jungles of Argentina, it was headlined as “secret” Nazi fortress evoking images of Nazi resurgence such as the popular graphic novel series Hellboy. Popular culture is replete with the compelling persistence of the Nazis (often a load of bunk).


Is constantly being searched

World War 2 and the Nazis is history. And like most history we keep uncovering evidence again and again. Unexploded World War 2 bombs are commonly found in Germany. We are also constantly bumping into things the Nazis left behind. Any time we make said discovery they make the news. Even if it’s something as trivial as Queen Elizabeth throwing up the nazi salute.


Because of this, anything with “Nazi” as part of it’s keywords trends well. On Google Trends, Nazi search trend solidly and go up every time something newsworthy comes up, e.g. Nazi train gold. As well on Topsy, where it trends rather decently on Twitter. Just “Train Gold found by treasure hunters” just wouldn’t have the same impact.


As a Keyword

Choosing the right keywords is an important part of digital marketing. They are essential for connecting your potential audience’s search terms to your web page. As “Nazi” has shown a good keyword requires

  • Offer some emotional impact
  • Is well searched

Article- Keyword

Naturally it’s unlikely that your audience are historians or Neo-Nazis and finding good keywords that resonate with your audience will require more research than checking your daily newsfeed. It will require the use of market analytic and social media tools like Topsy as well as continuous testing for their effectiveness. However, good keywords are not impossible to find and like the treasure hunters in Poland you will eventually find them.