Why Video Game Marketing is developing a Narrative

Videogame trailers are usually a predictable affair. The announcement trailer, the gameplay trailer, the story trailer, the multiplayer trailer etc. And they’re all aping movie trailers with cuts of gameplay and big flashy words. However, video game marketing are evolving beyond movie trailer and into something smarter. Below are why videogame marketing are becoming narratives in their own right.
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Why it took Aylan Kurdi to make us understand the Migrant Crisis

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is often why it takes a picture or a video to evoke an emotional response. Yet there have been countless images of fear-stricken and grieving refugees squatting on the outskirts of European cities or jumping walls hasn’t elicited any meaningful response.

Until now.

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The Reporter Shooting: A First-Person Narrative of Extremism

Recently, a reporter and a cameraman were killed on live TV, by a disgruntled ex-employee who committed suicide thereafter. Killing people on camera isn’t the newest phenomenon. In 1960 a Japanese politician was stabbed with a Wakizashi on national television. What makes this shooting so shocking is that, this was done. What’s changed is that the video is from the First-Person perspective of the shooter, Vester Lee Flanagan, a video he uploaded on YouTube for the world to see as well as shared his crime all over Social Media. Flanagan was no better or worse than other public shooters. However he introduced a new perspective of public crime and showed the dark side of social media.
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What “Nazi” can teach about picking Keywords

Recently treasure hunters claimed to have found an armoured train full of Nazi loot in Poland, which was lost since 1945. While exciting in itself, because it is a “NAZI” train full of loot, had it blow up social newsfeeds. Though this isn’t a surprise. as a keyword, “Nazi” is a great example of choosing keywords for any piece of content.
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How Fallout Shelter fails as a Videogame

Fallout Shelter has been recently released for Android, a freemium mobile that picked up $5.1 million on the first two week as an IOS app. It’s purpose is to be a cute marketing tool for Bethesda’s upcoming Fallout 4 (So excited :D), play a couple hours for its novelty but don’t get hooked onto it. As smarter people have pointed out, it’s a shallow game experience that will take time (and even money) and leave you nothing but a somewhat empty feeling. It didn’t have to be. It’s set in one of the most creative post-apocalyptic universes in video game history and could have been so much more. Here’s how.
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hitchbot feature image

Why Hitchbot needed Social Media to Exist

If you hadn’t been keeping up with your Facebook newsfeed, HitchBOT, a great social experiment on a hitchhiking robot was brutally beaten up in Philadelphia, ironically the City of Brotherly Love. A shame yes, but that he reached so far, travelling through Canada and through Europe with nary a scratch (except America)  says a lot about human nature and the power of social media to deliver a story.

HitchBot starting Journey

HitchBOT is the answer to the question: Is it possible for a robot, that can’t move, to hitchhike across Canada. The answer is yes and it took an existence in social media to make it happen.
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Why Ads need Shock Value

Why Safety Ads need Shock Value

When ads go viral, it’s often because they aren’t so much an ad but a short film with decent shots for the Oscars. Take At&T’s recent distracted driving ad, “Close to Home | It Can Wait”, with more than 3 million times on YouTube. Check it out below.
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How Marketers can Defeat ISIS

The Islamic State has become the box office busting sequel of Al-Qaeda, not just for it’s military conquests but for also creating one of the most effective marketing campaigns in military history. And it shows, it’s enemies have bought the hype that the Islamic State is bigger and stronger than it actually is. Not to mention a recruiting campaign that is recruiting fighters as fast as the US can bomb them. Suffice to say IS does marketing right, and it’s tactics offers the lessons to defeat it.
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What Coca-Cola can Teach about Creating Characters

Coca-Cola’s recent ad went viral (13 million views on YouTube) and watching it it’s not hard to see why. As a social experiment about the strength of prejudices based on appearance, it was wonderfully done (especially with the rising islamophobia around the world). It isn’t until the end that the free-coke-for-everybody promotion comes out, and it becomes an ad. Normally just an ad would be disappointing, but it’s not. It’s a great ad because it’s still an awesome social experiment in itself and a characterization of Coca-Cola as a can.
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Three Content Marketing Lessons from “Ant-Man” Marketing Campaign

Ant-Man is being released, and will likely to be a stunning success with no small help from it’s marketing. With an incredible (ant-sized) marketing campaign, Ant-Man has everything that content marketing should be.
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