Deadpool Relaxing

Deadpool is the hero of Marketing

The Deadpool movie is coming up in 2016, and unlike the usual glut of superhero movies, it’s going to be hilarious and you are going to watch it.  For one thing Deadpool is a standout among superheroes for his unique brand of humour, understands his fans (in that he knows he has fans) and represents everything that a marketer would envy.

He supports the brand as a whole

A good product/sale can promote itself, a great product/service promotes itself and supports the brand as a whole. Google Apps has helped push Google beyond just a search engine. Valve has been supported by some great IPs, i.e. Team Fortress 2, Portal, Half-Life, but also support each other such as being able to use digital items between games or sharing the same video-game universe i.e. Portal & Half-Life.

Valve IP

While in superhero universes, it’s naturally that superheroes work together, against mutual super-villains, i.e. The Avengers,  superheroes often have their own comic line and have their own core set of enemies e.g. Batman vs the gallery of rogues. Deadpool blurs the line more, as his comic book series often strongly play up the Marvel Universe as a whole, having him play goofy to his more straight-lined colleagues. Most prevalent Spider-Man whose quips sound boring compared to DeadPool’s juicy humour. 

Comicbook Cover Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe

This goes to some hilarious contrivances in the Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe when Deadpool goes and murders the Marvel universe and his creators. And while comic book nerds could argue that there are so many more powerful supers that would have beaten Deadpool to a pulp, he at least answers the question of how he would fare against every Marvel character. And by inserting Deadpool in for the amusement and exasperation of the other supers it makes the Marvelverse look more lively than DC that seems more brooding.

Deadpool is a fresh idea

In marketing, polishing up a proven formula is not always the most successful tactic. It’s often being unique that has the most potential to shine ( see Old Spice for a lesson in unconventional success). Because the one true rule of any creative enterprise is that there are no rules.

Old Spice guy Case in point, in DC created a villain named Deathstroke, real name Slade Wilson, villain to many DC heroes (most recently Batman) who is a mercenary known for using samurai swords, a wide variety of guns, an expert in martial arts and a checkered past. He’s a polished checklist of a successful super character and has done well in many comics and cartoons.

 Deathstroke vs Deadpool

At around the same time in the Marvel verse, a (it’s complicated) villain named Deadpool, real name WADE Wilson, annoying to many DC heroes (most notably Spider-man) who is a mercenary known for using samurai swords, a wide variety of guns, an expert in martial arts and a (again it’s complicated) past. He’s a unpolished, screw-the-checklist of a hilarious character. DeathStroke is a great character among other great characters. DeadPool is a fabulous character among great characters (and the one with the movie)

Deadpool is part of the audience

Every marketer’s job begins with Step 1: Know the audience. Any marketing campaign that doesn’t know it’s audience, what they expect or want, will come as tone-deaf and lacklustre. The only time Deadpool and lacklustre are in the same room together is if that room is a target range and Deadpool needs to kill off some boredom. With his constant fourth-wall breaking, and endlessly entertaining dialogue, he is everything that is enjoyable of reading comic books. While Superman would sign some autographs, say something noble then fly off, Deadpool would be sitting beside you in the movie theatre hogging the popcorn and arguing which superhero is the coolest (answer: him).

Deadpool Relaxing

This is perfectly reflected in a marketing campaign that is off to a great start with a tweet from Ryan Reynold of the first screenshot of DeadPool being utterly smart for not just starting the hype, but also poking at Deadpool being an object of desire by fans (yet still ugly as shit). Even the silly argument of whether or not DeadPool will be rated PG-13 or R on a celebrity talk show is just another opportunity to promote the movie: DeadPool Style.


So whether you are just a fan of Deadpool (anyone who has read a single Deadpool comic) or or if you want to take points on what’s interesting, watch the film, read the comic book, it’s going to be entertaining and what every marketer should aspire to.